Healing with Zenona

“Body is self correcting - it heals by itself” this was one of the learning

Just the possibilities that there are many ways of healing ourselves - Illahi, Reiki, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Flower therapy, Unani, Pranic, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Naturopathic, Yoga, Sound, Aroma, Hydro, Angel therapy,  Fish…


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I spy my eyes on “something green, something starting with X, something ending with M, something slanting, something oval, something possible, something….” a very simple game but brings lots of possibilities!

Yes, possibility was the theme this week.


Travel and Growth

Travel at Aarohi means GROWING. Each travel at Aarohi has a story and this was no different. 

If you are travelling from the campus for the first time - keep a day or two to understand the whole dynamics of travelling including - which train, what all stations, timings, understand travel  from camps to railway station, expected expenses, budgeting, informing parents about the routes and details...and the whole process takes from few hours to few days (depending your exposure and willingness to explore new).

Slice of Life with Emotions

Someone asked " so what about positive space?" We say it's only a Space and that's all - no negative, no positive. Just a simple space.

Someone asked so how come anger? We say it's all around us. No negative or positive emotions, all are just emotions and flow within us, changes every second.

Someone enquired "but what about dealing with fear"? We say we don't need to deal with fear, we only need to understand. Fear does need to be ashamed of, we don't need to overcome fear, we only need to understand fear.

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Paolo from Peru

The thought of OPEN TO ALL, brings people from all walks of life to Aarohi - Each space is different yet so same. Each person is same, yet so different.  Paolo, 43yrs, a graphic designer, from Peru, worked in advertising agencies as an art director and creativity, a teacher of advertising and graphic design, an actor, acted in TV series, theatre play, and movies in Perú. Also worked as a hotel manager in Cusco... and finally reached Aarohi to explore self, and India.

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Toy Designing

We all see toys around us, - ever wondered how are they designed? At Aarohi we got an opportunity to design toys for a cause. And this brought an opportunity to understand the design process.

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Start the day with imagining

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Rammed Earth Wall

Will add our rammed earth wall journey in words soon. Till then enjoy the slide show.

Home Learning

We all do different things at home during weekends/ and break week - some do cooking, some go to church, some learn language, ...We shared this week in Thought club

in the midst of...

It's not an easy journey to stay strong with one's beliefs.

The clouds of self doubts keep popping up. I

t's not easy to give a message to each visitor, each child, each parent that Aarohi is a DOING place.  

Since Aarohi is open for people to come, we also open up ourselves for all kinds of misunderstanding and judgements.

People with all kinds of attitudes, needs and expectations visit Aarohi.

Each action and reactions of ours is being noticed and judged.

It's not easy to stand strong and natural in midst of these expectations.

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