Some parents asked us to help in replicating the same schedule at home as Aarohi. It's not possible to just replicate schedule of one space to other space, as each space have different flavors. And that difference flavour brings an opportunity to understand the concept of schedule and planning rather duplicating.

Few parents are already doing at home and they have been able to bring harmony in their home learning environment. So this note is for all who are still seeking some guidance.

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Many Teachers

 multiple children of different ages presented 10 minutes session on an area of their interest.

One talked about bacteria in plants and microscope. He took few hours for this 10 minutes session - reading, researching and compiling the information.

One taught a magic trick. He knew the tricks. He spent time in preparing material for each participant and thinking what everybody will gain from his session.

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Story of clarity

 This is the story of two equally clear and determined minds. He is 7 yrs old and I am 47yrs old. We both are clear about our needs.He often comes to me other clear needs and leaves giving me a clear message. We normally don't get into any clash. Last week during campus care we happened to bump into each other. We were in the same team. He was cleaning the toys while I was arranging the library books.

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Food is very talked about topic - how much to eat, what to eat, eat for growing bodies, eat this food and avoid this food.


Celebrating "contribution". The week began with a simple act of contributing to the Rangoli on the floor to welcome - Just a few dots on the floor. Each one contributed in their own way. The creation was different from one person making with one point of view. A contribution is not only about contributing to work or wealth...but the contribution in many different ways.

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Business persepctive

Often earning is limited to gaining degrees. But we fail to recognize our own strengths and interests. How about learning to hone our skills and sell them to earn rather earning by doing what we don't want to do.

The journey of Astronomy

We got a new telescope last year.
He got interested in assembling the telescope.
In the process of assembling he got introduced to using the telescope.
He got interested in setting up the telescope.
He would set up the telescope for anyone interested to watch the moon with its creators 
He would get up 5 in the morning to trace that rising star.
He got excited about more discoveries like another galaxy.
He took a session on Skywatch to share his learnings. 

The journey of flowers

She got interested in wildflowers.
She would go around the campus in search of flowers. She would spend hours observing those flowers, spot tiniest of the flower while walking around. 
This year she started reading about flowers in details. Then she got interested in taxonomy and she started reading more about them.
Now she is reading botany books to understand the structure of the various families.
And this was enough for her to give a session on "flower and their families".
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A week at Aarohi

One week at Aarohi is a lot to do and lot to experience. Someone visiting Aarohi said, “my days have doubled here, I realized I have much more time than I think”. We learn from each guest as they bring a different learning experience and inspire with their story and passion. The idea is simple. We believe that education is all about interacting and learning from others - how you are making a difference. We at Aarohi are always excited when people are willing to share their SKILLS with at the community.

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Climbing wall

 A small spark “make a climbing wall. A complicated design to begin with which was rejected by the team of kids. The idea of a simpler design to make it on the existing old bus wall was passed. Kowshik, a climber by passion joined, another visitor at the camps joined and loads of excitement was created with designing and implementation of the climbing wall. Kowshik wrote in his blog the story of the making of climbing wall at Aarohi.



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