An Ode to Home

Reading Time: 3 min. A Home is filled with endless opportunities to explore , experiment and grow. Living is messy and so is learning. Here is an Ode to the best institution of life.

Stop Teaching to Activate Learning

Reading Time: 4 min. Let’s stop being Teachers to Start learning for Children. Our job is not to teach or preach but to reach.

Learning is living

Reading Time: 5 min. Where the learning is without boundaries, the living happens without fear. When living is free of pre conceived notions, learning is abundant. We say learning and living are not separated from each other.

To Become Wealthy – Produce

Reading Time: 2 min. Doing helps to convert consumption to production. When we produce more , It leaves a wealth of not just tangible outcomes but many more intangible prosperity.

What matters

Reading Time: 3 min. What matters the most for an child? Is it Home or Educational Institutes or Society? None. What matters is “The Child”. Let the child become the institution of his life, let him lead and let him learn.

Understanding FEAR

Reading Time: 2 min. Unknown causes fear. Future is always unknown. In predicting future we feed mind with fear constantly.

Unsettle the minds – Thinking

Reading Time: 2 min. My idea of Education is to Unsettle the minds of young and inflame their intellect. Robert Maynard Hutchins After finishing my institutional education when I started my own organization I started looking for people to work with me. Over the period I realized people pursued knowledge too much. May be our education / societal structure […]

Homeschooling journey – by Sharmila

Reading Time: 3 min. Being part of a journey is more important than destination. If journey is joyous and satisfactory with all its ups and down , the destination may not be very different from it.

Free Play and Confidence

Reading Time: 2 min. I was sitting in the children’s park, watching my child tumble over the various play equipment. I was also watching three 5-6 yrs old girls pretend-play a family-family game. That’s when I overheard the conversation between these girls’ mothers: “I want to put her in a painting class”“I want a handwriting class, you know any?”“No […]

Teach your child how NOT to lie

Reading Time: 6 min. Which type of Adult you are – Supportive Truth Coach or Finding Lie Referee? It is not about “how not to tell Lie” but about “how to tell Truth”. How Do you provide T-R-U-T-H facilitation?

Teach your child how to Lie

Reading Time: 5 min. Do children Lie or they justify at that moment? If there is nobody to Lie to or no reason to Lie to – Where will be the need to Lie?

Bad Company

Reading Time: 2 min. Universe gives us an opportunity to understand life by exposing us to the company of “The good, The bad and The Ugly”. Let’s take the bulls of Bad and Ugly by horns.

Myth of Teaching Grammar

Reading Time: 4 min. Understanding learning through Grammar usage. Using Grammar to explore a potentially bigger, and deeper myth about learning. We use grammar as a crutch to dig into this yet unnamed myth.

Do you want child to be successful?

Reading Time: 5 min. How do we define Success? When do we feel that we are successful in life? How do we reach to that milestone of success? What do we do once we achieve that success?

Lock-down could mean Freedom

Reading Time: 4 min. Lockdown could be a freedom if we invite children to the party called Life. Celebrate and Co-create the life . After Covid-19 can we declare “Co-live 20”

Are you in love with fear?

Reading Time: 2 min. It appears to me that most people are in love with fear so much that they have chosen to live with fear. We seem to cling to enough fears, like fear of the future, or fear of others acceptance / opinion about us, or fear of others getting the better of us. We even preach […]

Uncage Child’s Potential

Reading Time: 3 min. Can we change the potential of a child? Or we can facilitate the children to find their own peaks. Can we see a limitless child who can manifest his / her potential?

Untie the Education from the school

Reading Time: 2 min. Why to enclose the education in a classroom when the whole world can educate me. Why not embrace a new WWW (Wide Wonderful World)

Covid and Parenting

Reading Time: 2 min. COVID Pandemic brings a different situation for us as a parent, for some of us our existing issues may be flaring up with children being all the time at home. Kids spending time in front of TV/Screen/sleeping can create anxiety in parents. One way to look at any situation is that there is a problem […]

Learning is …

Reading Time: 2 min. Learning develops in pair – Clarity with confusion, creation with destruction ending with beginning, Because learning is never complete. It just opens new avenues to explore. In a way Learning is Unlearning.


Reading Time: 2 min. Do we communicate our feelings associated with a need or do we communicate a need?
How important it is to communicate right need / want. All forms of communication are ok as long as we are sure of which one we are using and the awareness that one has multiple options to choose from. Lets explore some of the windows.