Making of Aarohi campus

Story of Generosity – Making of campus

Making of Aarohi campus is not complete without talking about Deb Uncle and many other well wishers who contributed to make this campus happen.
The campus is created with crowd funding – started with land and the story of generosity

Aarohi started in June 2009 in Geniekids Indiranagar center, Bangalore. One year after starting, we realized

  • Children need more space
  • Children need more children
  • Children need more resources (like a carpentry workshop or a music room which was not feasible in the current building – because of limited space

Hence we started looking for bigger space.
Deb uncle (Deb Bhushan Mukherjee, grand father of one of Aarohi children) in a super generous gesture donated about 5acres of land – which is now the O campus. Aarohi like a young energetic child is growing up in this salubrious hillside.

We are still at a complete loss at fathoming the kind of greatness that resides in him. So humble that not even once he has shown any desire that he needs to be highlighted, acknowledged or acclaimed for donating so much land to Aarohi. So trusting that he has not asked any questions, not interfered with our efforts once he has donated the land. So magnanimous, that he continues to bestow his time and efforts towards establishing the campus of Aarohi.
We pray one day we too develop such a deep attitude of GIVING
Thank you Deb Uncle.

Every time we receive a gift – we turn to children and say, “We dunno what it is – love, kindness, generosity, abundance, cosmic energy, humanity …Or maybe no one word – but whatever it is – one thing for sure – we are truly blessed”.

Deb Uncle at the registrar office at Rayakotai – after signing the gift deed – formally donating the land to Aarohi trust on 1st April 2011.
Deb uncle officially gave AAROHI 4.89 acres of land – JUST LIKE THAT!

I was born in a Zamindar family in east Bengal, now Bangladesh. The village was Tushbhandar, in dist Rangpur. After studying at home,from the age of three, under the guidance of my mother and aunt, I was enrolled in class six at the age of six years. The school was sponsored by our family for the benefit of the villagers. Early recollection includes having a boy, in our class, who was already a father (early marriage).  He was 18 years old. I had to leave the school after half-yearly exams, as my uncle joined the army during the war, in 1942, and aunty took me along as she did not have any children. He was posted in Muzaffarpur,  Bihar. I continued my studies with aunty, as I had to study in Hindi medium which I did not know. In 1943, my father took up a job in Berhampore, West Bengal. He rented a big house and all of us, six brothers and two sisters moved there. After studying for few months, myself and my elder brother were admitted in same class 6, after the tests.I passed matriculation exam from the same school, in 1950, at the age of 13 years and 7 months. As father did not have the wartime job,  I could not join college I waited for a year and joined Indian Navy, as Artificer Apprentice, after going through competitive exams and tests. After 4 years training and 10 years service, I left navy to take up civil employment. I joined Sperry Vickers as Service Engineer, in 1966 and resigned from Sperry in 1979 as Product Services Manager. I started my own company  Hydax Hydraulics Pvt Ltd, and manage it as Managing Director.
He left us