What if my child has special need? Does Open Learning work for children with LD, DYSLEXIA, ADHD, ADD, Autism etc

In open learning there are no expectations that a child will behave or learn or do the same things as other child. There are no milestones or benchmarks or references. The only reference is the child. And each child has great life within.

Open learning accepts and expects child as unique. The child creates his or her own curriculum or learning journey, learns things at own pace, in own style and for own purpose (not the ones glorified, quite unnecessarily, the world).

In this expectation free environment, the child is then able to navigate his/her learning journey from within that too joyously.
This also develops the child inside-out.

Obviously like all of us, each child / learner would need guidance, support and resources as per his or her needs and liking. This then becomes the role of parents and adults and other peers – to listen and understand his or her needs and styles. And importantly, to co-create the learning environment, resources and possibilities with him/her.