How to create Lasting Connections among different Generations?

In the Aarohi online community, we have something called the Parenting Circle. It’s a time when parents get together to talk about parenting topics or things that concern the parents.

There were many different opinions shared, with some people sharing stories to support their views. It was an interesting discussion, set up like a debate. The younger generation mostly disagreed with the idea of parents sharing too much of their experiences. They said they prefer to learn from their own mistakes, even if they get hurt. They were okay with parents sharing their experiences, but they didn’t want them to force their ideas onto them.

A few weeks back, we invited the teens and tweens of our community to join us parents for a debate and discussion. We talked about whether parents are sharing their experiences too much with this generation without letting them have their own experiences. We also discussed if teens should be allowed to make mistakes, even if they’re the same ones their parents made.

More than just the topic itself, it was great to see two different generations coming together to talk about something that is important to both. Sharing thoughts and trying to understand each other, even if they disagree, helps build lasting connections.

Here’s the recording of the whole session