Doing Hands On activities

All Hands Matter

Regardless of age or knowledge or position or role everyone has the capacity to do anything and everything they want to do and make a huge difference to themselves and whole community.

Everyday at Campus ,we see various hands working together to make a thing happen in any activity be it the carpentry, gardening, experiments, playing, art work, cooking to name few.

Each individual contribution, small or big, is essential to overall building of any Individual / Community
Each activity is enhanced with teamwork, collaboration, contribution, sense of doing, achievement, fulfillment etc.
Each individual can take initiative to be proactive and include others too who all can contribute to the best of their ability
Each one brings a diversity of skills in a group setting which impacts the whole community as they take on different roles and responsibilities
Each has different way of doing but with a common goal. The idea is everyone has a role to play and contribute equally to a project or task
Each one of us work with a positive sense of mindset that helps to sustain any group/ community.

As all of us at Campus see on Doing anything together, it brings on a sense of making it happen collectively. Whenever we reflect upon group activities, always how the team manages emotions, what is team spirit, what was the strategy of teams, what is that we have to work individually and collectively, etc. comes out. Overall, we all thoroughly enjoy some of our activities we do collectively like ActiveWe, going Outdoors, Community Sports, Campus Care etc.