Children are capable of Learning / teaching.

Learning Mela is Celebration of Learning:

Children are capable of Learning and Teaching Anything they’re Interested In.
Learning Mela was an opportunity to Celebrate their Learning by teaching.

At the Learning Mela, children are the stars, showcasing their ability to both teach and learn, regardless of age or gender.

The process begins with empowering them to believe in their capability to teach. Next, they navigate through the confusion of deciding what to teach, focusing on topics that excite them. To prepare, children created posters ,design them, ensuring they have clarity on the subject matter and how to present it. Then practice teaching among peers, receiving feedback to improve before the actual event.
Leading up to the Learning Mela, children mentally prepared themselves, overcoming their own fears or discomfort. They planned, estimated and gather materials needed for their teaching session.

Finally, on the day of the event, they confidently deliver their sessions to different class, showcasing their learning and teaching skills.

The Learning Mela highlights the incredible capability of children to not only learn but also to teach when given the opportunity and support.

Children Teaching their interests to a different class students
Children sharing about their experience of Teaching.