Workshops for Teachers

You are here because you run a school as Director or Principal or HM or you are a school coordinator. You know the importance of continuous learning for your team of teachers and you want to value add to the team’s development – since it directly impacts children of your school.

Ratnesh Mathur, co-founder, Aarohi Life Education Trust, conducting a seminar for parents and teachers, organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Hindu and The Samhita Academy in Coimbatore

Ratnesh, co-founder, Aarohi Life Education Trust, conducting a seminar for parents and teachers, organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Hindu and The Samhita Academy in Coimbatore

Broadly teacher training can be divided into three scenarios

  1. Value adding to teaching skills / methods (this would include areas like Active learning, Multiple Intelligences, Learning Organisers, Thinking Skills, Habits of minds, etc).
  2. Helping teachers solve issues in classroom (this would include areas like Disciplining and Behaviour management, Learning Styles, Helping slow learners, etc).
  3. Creating a child-based democratic school (this would include making the children lead own learning, learning tools, self assessment, students managed classrooms, collaborative learning, etc)

Even if you are more interested in #1 or #2 above – may we invite you to look at your approach which is more of #3 – more child-led.
You see the more the children lead their learning the less you have deal with #1 and #2 .
Which is why typically our first workshop for teachers in any school is called EMPOWERING children.
Once we catch on with this paradigm – 70% f our work is done!

Anyhow beloe we have a list of workshops that we usually do. We can also do workshop on any topic that you have a need for.
For schools in and around Hosur, Bangalore we can do in-person workshops. For schools across the world we can do online workshops – which in our experience is equally effective.

Typical workshop is of 2 hour duration.
Financial Contribution for any workshop is on a sliding scale of ₹15,000 to ₹25,000. Since aarohi is a charitable trust the amount you contribute will go for our charitable activities.
There is not limit to number of participants. We even encourage you to invite parents of your school to join your teachers (since anyways the parents play a huge teacher role @home).

List of Teacher Training and Workshops Topics
  • Multiple Intelligences* – Using MI to make classes more interactive & interesting
  • Learning Styles – Understanding Learning styles and how we can maximise learning using this understanding
  • Thinking Skills – What are they and how we can use them inculcate them through our classroom
  • Active Learning * – Methodologies to make teaching more interactive, involving & more meaningful
  • Cooperative Learning – How to get the get best out of peer to peer interactions and to multiply learning using groups
  • Organizing Learning -What to use where – to enable effective understanding and recall.
  • If they’re laughing-they’re learning – Effective strategies towards Using humour in classroom
  • Understanding and working with Higher order thinking skills
  • Developing and using Creativity in learning
  • Using Art, colour, clay & sand for effective learning
  • Using Theater for effective Learning
  • Using Music for learning
  • Language Development in Early Childhood / Middle School*
  • Making Mathematics more meaningful
  • Brain based learning & Study Skills
  • Using Story telling / doing in learning
  • Understanding Activity Design
  • Using Experiential and Integrated design
  • Understanding Emotional needs of a child
  • Working with acceptance and Intentions
  • Understanding and Developing high Self esteem
  • Developing Life skills or success skills
  • Cooperation – Effective Methods to solicit cooperation from children in the classroom
  • Disciplining in the classroom – Alternative to punishment that work
  • Communicating to motivate children: Bring the best out of students by simple changes in our communication
  • Circle Time – using group dynamics for learning
  • Creating stimulating yet enjoyable physical, Mental and Emotional environment in the classroom
  • Discovering one’s potential as a teacher
  • Developing effective Facilitating Skills
  • Conducting Effective Sessions
  • Developing and Adding MY creativity to my teaching
  • Developing communication skills that make teachers more effective
  • Frameworks of my mind – helping me relax, enjoy and give the best to children.
  • Becoming the favorite teacher of children
  • Here is a set of topics that we think are most useful for the wide range of parent-audience that we meet in any organisation.
    • Empowering children to be independent, resourceful & confident individuals
    • Connecting, Communicating and Collaborating with Teens and Tweens
    • Helping children become responsible for their Emotions
    • Understanding and working with children’s Behaviour
    • Sexual awareness and Abuse safety
    • Developing productive and effective Habits of Mind