Resource Volunteers

The idea is simple. Education is all about interacting and learning from others​. When children and youth experience how you are ​value adding to the cosmos, ​​they can make a difference – in their life, in others life, to planet earth.

We believe inspiration from diverse resource people is the most valuable educational treasure chest we can give to each child.

As a Resource volunteer 

We invite you too to be part of learning community at Aarohi. You can be from any part of the world, geographical boundaries does not make any difference (we can use hangouts and skypes).

You can plan sharing any skill with children. You can come for one or few or many days. Kids can exchange ideas, skills and interact more in different ways.

During your stay you can focus on any of your passion – like you could be a resource for music or carpentry or gardening or cooking or electronics or … anything –  something that you are passionate about.
At campus you focus on ‘doing’ your passion – and children learn with / from you. The focus is not to teach, but to be available for children to connect in different ways.

Your cost – Aarohi being a charitable trust is not able to bear the cost of professional fees/remuneration or any travel/transportation cost for any resource person.

Your stay – is free at the campus

For open learners PEOPLE are perhaps the most exciting resource to – connect, learn and rub shoulders with.​
​In our 16 years of Open Learning journey what has delighted and gladdened us is that most people are ready to support, guide, mentor and teach any child who is doing work in their field of expertise.
​Now we are formally creating a database of resource people ready to share their expertise on an informal basis.​

​So here is an invitation to you – if you are open to guide /mentor any OpenLearner / UnSchooler / HomeSchooler in your fields of expertise – please fill in this small google form

We believe that all people around us are a huge source of learning. We invite you to experience learning by connecting with People and their journeys in various fields.

At Aarohi, we believe each individual is a wonderful story and children benefit by getting exposed to each person’s story. Children love to interact, engage, work with and learn different things from each individual whom they come in contact with.

We would be happy to host you as guest to our community to share about your passion and Journey in Jaatre an online Session.

Jaatre means celebration and we celebrate our learning with guests as part of exposure. This Jaatre is to bring an experience of meaningful conversation with uncle/aunty/friends of any age in different professions and learn from their Learning Journeys.

We invite one guest speaker from different walks of life to meet online into our community. These are one hour online sessions and are usually highly interactive as children (and parents) have a lot of energy and questions and are curious to know.

To be part of this resource treasure, connect with us and together we explore possibilities.