Deciding Menu

Menu Making Day

It was just a lazy and casual breakfast talk on a Sunday morning. It all started with one kid asking “what is the lunch for today?”. I put that same question back.  We were looking forward to see what menu we can decide for that day but ended up making whole week’s menu together.

It started with “you know in every house most of conversations happen only around what’s for lunch/ what’s for dinner” so let us all share what is one food I am looking forward to eat this week in breakfast/ lunch/ dinner.  As we were 6 people my thought was we can cover all 6 days with everyday one of our favorite food. All pitched on with the thought and the discussion went on where kids called their mothers and asked whether this smoothie can be done for breakfast, will that be filling to can I bake momo for dinner and how about healthy version with whole wheat.

I was just hearing to all conversations. One kid asked about onion uttappam and felt his mother’s version of chutney was very tedious. He asked “Amma do you always prepare this way for us? Do you take this time effort to make one chutney to last one meal?” I felt totally wow seeing the reactions.

One kid came up with a certain smoothie but making it for dinner requires time so he asked for help and each one took a step to make that happen and now that week we got to have freshly made smoothie for dinner.

This all took around 2 hours total time as we sat for breakfast but we discussed a lot of cuisines, different types of foods that we tasted, mix and match, what’s the best dish available near our homes, how it is our favorites and also the excitement that we are recreating the same here at Campus by ourselves and sharing with all others too. That was a more involved Menu Making. The whole week too went off with so many collaborations, connections, trying the unique and new ways, seeking alternatives and going with things available and coming up with best of what possibly can happen.

When I see lot of energy exchange as I term it happening be it at fitness/ food/ activity or even washing our clothes, it feels so satisfying to be around such a happening place where just we are seeing about how to add value to others by my own unique way. After all, for everyone, this does matter a lot.