Children Baking

Let’s Bake

Food is one thing that brings people together and my learning is any bake be it cakes/ cookies/ breads/ any savouries not only touches the senses but soul too 😊

Baking is more than just another activity of putting ingredients together and waiting for outcome. I learn a lot with each baking and see how every age gets involved whenever there is any baking happening at Aarohi.

As I ask a 5 year old about why he loves baking, he shared he can make shapes with cookie cutter. Another 3 year old said he loves to play with dough and make shapes with hands. All this process builds a certain amount of patience, detailing, planning how to arrange in tray, process of handling any tools, knowing what is going into our stomach, teamwork, handling setbacks, adaptability, time management so on and so forth.  As our Akka bakes bread, every time she will be waiting to see what is the outcome and so are our little bakers who wants to check out how cookies shape have changed.

All baking recipes may not be successful or give perfect results.  I see many outcomes isn’t too great with accurate measurements and following meticulous steps but as one is involved and is flexible to play around with measurements/ bringing alternatives/ trying out new and I see with mix and match ingredients baked goods come out yum…Voila…we forget what is the ingredients / measurement added and indulge in savouring fully.