Outdoor Exposure

Conquering Fears : “A Journey Through Rock Climbing”

We embarked on a thrilling journey through the rugged & raw landscapes as we explored outdoor rock climbing. We also explored the sheer joy of scaling heights, the natural beauty of nature, and the rawness that only outdoor can offer.

~ We planned in detail about having a safe & enjoyable experience for all.
~ We had climbers of all skill levels with us, some were scared and some excited.
~ Talks about trees, rock types went on throughout the outdoor time.
~ Strategies were explored and explained due to weather being very hot & sun was slowly rising up.
~ Some took challenges to climb with one leg, eyes closed, without hands, opposite ways etc.

There was a big banyan tree with its roots hanging all the way down posed unique and adventurous experience. It was very interesting and challenging too as we had different age groups from 5 years to 50+ years. There were knots, bends, twists, sudden turns, slippery path due to lot of dried leaves, flat rocks and close rocks that had little space in between them to pass through.

We noticed various insects, birds, trees, shrubs, different rock formations that blended beauty of nature with all our excitement to try new things and explore the rocky way.

All together remarked about simple breakfast we carried and all ate through enjoying it and saying how any small and simple ways matter to us.