fear of dark, uncertainty, challenges for children

Fear and Children

Fears often multiply more with collective anxiety that a group of people experience together with lots of questions/ fears triggered by various factors such as uncertainties, health upsets, external situations or challenges.
Recently we had this amazing period of 10-12 days at Aarohi Campus where out of 6 people four were partially/ fully sick and two were caretakers plus heavy rains/ chilly winds which made our Sun god to disappear completely for about 8-9 days.  This made us go low on UPS battery. So around 4-5 nights we had to be without power + pitch dark + whistling sounds of wind. All this was happening when our very own veterans of Aarohi were not present at campus.

We had more twists to the story where our cat Oreo had two kittens and she was calling upon to us in a panicky tone but we weren’t able to understand. Then as we just allowed her to do things on her own, she brought her kittens inside and started staying with us in our floor.  At night as we understood, she used to meow continuously as she had to go out. Also, with more and continuous rains few of us saw snakes in the campus very frequently.

All the situations mixed into Bhel Puri, we all had one or other thing coming up in between a good night sleep. Oreo’s meowing, windy sounds, no light, snake sighting, dog’s barking all made us more jittery and cautious as we all were up with a small sound. Our Akkas and Anna shared snakes are coming to eat kittens as they can smell kittens’ urine, now this was a new twist for us to counter.

As we were trying to analyze all our questions/ theories mixing Human Intelligence into every scene/ clearing and cleaning out places to be careful for snake movement, washing everything out to avoid any smells, thinking where can we relocate Oreo with kittens with our kiddos trying to fix UPS somehow through video calls all action in place, everybody doing anything and everything but without knowing how to do😊. It was as if Oreo heard us talking and as we were in meeting, she shifted her kittens out of our stay area to an open terrace place. We just were seeing how and what is she doing. Some of us thought usually animals know better than us to adjust to nature so let’s observe. She started staying there and its about a month now.

She proved all our theories wrong, all our fear as invalid. She just showed us how to find a solution, how taking the action that is needed will make life simple than just panicking or analyzing our own thoughts.