Learning Mela

Children can be great mentors, this is what Learning Mela taught us

What happens when children mentor adults? Here’s the story…..

It all started with a Santa seeding the idea of Learning Mela, 18+ year olds (adults) of the community would conduct the workshops and 18- year olds (young ones) would be the mentors to adults. All parents, teens and tweens of the community got together for Aarohi-X online Design Circle to share their design, ideas and thoughts for Learning Mela.

After an hour long discussion in online meetup, a few guidelines for the event were decided:

  • Each adult conducts a 20 min workshop
  • Topic could be related to your work or interest or passion
  • Learning Mela event will only be open for Internal Aarohi Community members
  • It will be a 1 day event on 20th Jan Saturday from 11am to 2pm. In these 3 hours all conductors can lineup their 20 minutes workshops

Unfolding a huge learning opportunity, nine parents from the community signed up for workshops from varied topics ranging from passion to profession. Learning Mela Conductors did demo sessions with their young mentors and revised and recreated their presentations based on the feedback. They selected their time slots for the event day, shared the list of ingredients required for the workshop, shared posters to invite the community and the stage was set.

The whole Aarohi Community had their eyes, ears and self glued to Zoom screen on 20th Jan 2024 Sat from 11am onwards as Community Treasure Box was to be unboxed. 

The first Gem was Arpitha’s workshop about creating Insta reels on Canva app. Step-by-step she explained how to create an insta reel along with some animations and text insertions. She topped it up with seven insightful tips to create reels and yes we all took away our learnings.

Next up was Cristelle with Art Journaling activity where we all started with writing out names in an artistic manner and wrote some notes or stories around our names to add weight to the journal. That was a new artistic chapter added to our knowledge book.

Vishruti took the workshop about how we can monetise our content on Insta and other social media handles. Her business strategies opened up a new understanding and possibilities. Now many of us from the community wish to have a longer session with her to understand about Insta, to build their own page and earn some quick bucks.

Kanupriya exposed us all to the world of Visual Notes taking, where your thoughts and imagination reflects on paper in a visually appealing format and they become a quick reference for you forever. Visual Learning is all about recalling all our thoughts in the form of pictures. Yes, point well taken.We had parenting guru Namrata, who gave all parents a lesson of being transparent and accessible to our children. She started with a story and made us realise how we can be authentic to our children. 

After different professions, business ideas and passions we moved on to Maggi making workshop with Pranav where he patiently shared all ingredients and then steps to cook a juicy, saucy and yummy maggi. He left us all, with our mouths watering and drooling over the view of saucy maggi.

We moved on to Quick water colouring workshop with Kalyan who logged-in from Belgaum only for the love of community and his commitment. He shared his finest skills to paint quick water colour drawings that take less effort, less material, less time but give out astounding results on paper. He also shared different textures of papers and their uses. 

After lunch break we dived into, Emotion gauging workshop by Nalini. Despite of, power cut and other difficulties at her end, she conducted the workshop which was an inspiration for us. How to measure your positive and negative emotions and keep a check on them was a takeaway for all of us.

The climax of the event was Besan Laddoo making workshop by Preeti Agarwal. We all went through a roller coaster of different topics and a variety of workshops and it all ended with a sweet dish. She was ready with her step by step preparations and professionally explained to us how to make laddoos in 20 minutes. 

That’s a wrap of a marathon of workshops by 18+ adults of the Aarohi community.