Experiential Learning

The Art of Listening Vs Hearing – Experiential Learning

We often do not notice the profound difference between Listening & Hearing in our world filled with constant noise and distractions. Here is a snippet of Experiential Learning through Reflection

For one of our Reflection Activities during Thought Club at our campus of open learning, we all shared our thoughts/ experiences/ awareness about Hearing Vs Listening.

The sharing went on like this, One said “I listen only when needed and I try to understand what I listen to”

“I listen to learn, paying attention is learning” said another one whereas “Hearing is “Beyond Ears”. I just hear and leave things out, don’t pay attention to it”

Said a teen, “When I really want to do any task, I think I do the process of listening where I note down and memorize it too”

Another one shared about State of Mind while hearing out. She shared “I listen, visualize, understand, evaluate, relate and make points to be double clear”. She feels “Conscious Mind” helps her to listen better. She also shared she ignores listening anything she is not interested to follow in.

Another 9-year-old shared “It is always good to listen anyways, but sometimes I listen and do something opposite too “ A lady shared “I am preoccupied in thoughts. Sometimes I listen then ask to repeat. I realize I am not paying attention. But paying attention also comes with a thought “I am taken granted for listening. I feel I force myself to listen or even others to talk”

The first one shared again “My listening depends on others words. I consciously choose and consciously ignore. Usually, same words I don’t listen from my mother but I listen from others.” Sharing like “listening builds trust”, “I zone out when am not interested so I don’t hear or listen it, so I do lose messages conveyed”, “Understanding & interpretation of words differ from one to another person”

Reflection makes us get aware of our own thoughts, emotions, experiences, implications, exploration and dive into our thought process and belief systems. Reflection even guides us for future actions to try new approaches and think differently, imaginatively, consciously & creatively.

Through this, I am appreciating the potential of active listening. It is not merely a skill but a mindset that enriches our connections, adds to our personal growth, and elevates the quality of our communication.