Maths in Casino was crowds fav !

Yes !! and so was maths through everything else. Enjoy below.

Connection with the material

We used to do all the preparation of each session by self, as teh time passed, in the name "busy" we began to take assistance from Laksmi aunty and soon she became the only one who would arrange for material for all. We lost touch with what is where in Amable (GK). One of the child commented "If Lakshmi does not come for a day, none of the faculty would be able to take session".

What culture?

At campus, We have been living together, we have been working together, we have been learning together………..sometimes we work, sometimes we do not, sometimes we are very conscious of time, sometimes we are not; sometimes we are deep into some work, sometimes we are not..........

Last week we talked about the culture @ campus in thought club – what culture should we have?

Punishment culture 

Happiness in all the forms

We had a dip in our progress of Kitchen.

What is project for us?

We were working on the plastering the courtyard. We have tried in many different ways, different proportions of mud and cement. We tried it doing in many different ways – thick, thin, with rubbing, with splash, with tools, with hands................

But the plaster is not sticking – we make it and next day we find it coming out. We have done it many different ways – with precision, with play, with fun, with music, with talks, with silence……………but it does not seems to be sticking to the walls.

Shifting to O-Campus

We have finally shifted to the campus. Still, the campus is not ready, but we have shifted.

The journey is beautiful

Kids wanted to shift, we all wanted to shift – we set the date
On the date (29th July) I was apprehensive and not mentally ready to take the unsettling. I assumed, I have to take all the responsibility and ensure that kids get the “all settled space”. 

Varlakshmi @ Campus

One person
One light
One idea

And that is what we had for Varlakshmi celebration at the campus. Leela, mother of Yashas joined us at the campus to share her style of celebration of Varlakshmi (live station @ Aarohi).

It was less about religion (for me) and more about the way things happened. 

Play with Maths

Often when I meet kids at the park, all I hear about is mobiles, laptops, video games, shopping, travel, food and friends.

Often when I meet people at informal places like office canteen, café, or parties – topics which I hear about are mobiles, laptops, video games, shopping, travel, food and friends.


What a parent can do?

Think or follow !!!


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