Why no triangles?

I was working with a child on exploring shapes – we began with hunting for shapes around us. We found rectangle but not triangles. We were wondering why we do not see simple triangles around, while we saw many other shapes. Many other kids joined in our exploration and they began hunting shapes for us :).

Emotional safety - my rights and duties

Emotional safety is constitutional right in democracy. Last week was another session on constitution of Aarohi. We took the topic of “emotional safety”.

We asked kids - "How do you feel when anyone teases you?

Some of the responses which kids share

Life is learning opportunity

After the theft incidnet at the campus, security has become part of our learning. We all have committed "one hour a week" to work on security. Every Wednesday at the campus we have “security drill”. We began the first session with “what are our needs and HOW we want to do? We all came up with our needs 

New life

Any life is exciting. One of the child sowed moong dal seeds, today he found moong coming out of the ground, he was excited to share his entire discovery.


Break in walking pattern

During one of the activities we put lot of things on the floor and bring break in our walking patterns, The idea was to know self and how we get used of certain things and think this is the reality and this is the only way to move ahead.

One spark can make fire

Our water pump is unrepairable at the pink house. That means we are back to fetching water from the tank for all our needs. Initially some shared “oh! We have to fetch”. Two children did not say anything, they just started fetching, They not only fetch for the need of that time, but also filled extra for the next day…………soon few more joined them and they all made chain and made new games while passing the buckets.

I do for my needs

One child got up in the morning and was disturbed with the direct sun light on her face. She decided to stitch a curtain for herself. She began with

Discover self

One child since his childhood has been having issue with comprehending small stories. We were briefed and informed. Yesterday he began with reading a story. He was supposed to read and then share the story in show and tell. In the session he began with reading two page story.


How do we put a case on others?  It was decided by the team that the stationery  would be got from home. When I went into session I was not allowed to touch anything. Anything I was taking was met with you have to get it from home. Now I was a little excited and I shared who decided? Children shared majority decided. I said I was not part of this voting so how do you decide. Slowly one by one they started- actually faculty told us, I was not interested but I had no option, faculty was not listening to us and the list continued.

Body Awareness

A topic quite intriguing for me. I love the fact that there is much in this topic and so little I am aware of. Few children had taken up this topic and I enjoyed watching them explore and discovering the meaning of BODY AWARENESS. From knowing my body to understanding ho different body parts respond the whole journey was a an experience by itself. The dolls and puppets were used in many ways. I personally thought that the children were sharing and using the doll with no thoughts of being labelled and judged. Could be my assumptions.


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