Join at Campus

Families are welcome to consider children (with or without parents) joining Aarohi at campus for their open learning journey on a regular or continuous basis.
~ Your needs are to be in the physical space of the campus, you want to experience it as a family or for the child alone.
~ You join online and offline both.
~ Your entry is after experiencing a week at the campus (experiencing Aarohi),
~ Understand working of campus and contribution. 

To do this we suggest:

  • Attend multiple open learning meet-ups to get to understand both open learning and Aarohi in detail.
  • Come for a stay-visit for a week or two (whole family) to experience the campus-community life before making any decision.
  • Go through loads of blogs to understand the working and learning at Aarohi campus.
  • The child plans (preferably in detail) with parents over the week for the coming week. So the child typically comes to the campus with some clarity and mental preparedness. Obviously, each one’s planning will go through changes based on what else is happening in the campus during the week. Sometimes the child will come with no plan and that is also fine.
  • The campus and the community at the campus then supports the child during the week, in doing his or her plans as well as whatever new ideas the child wants to explore and experiment. The facilitators also add value by bringing new exposures of not just content, but also ways of doing and experience different resources and tools.
  • While the child is guided where he or she needs guidance, a lot of space is given for the child to lead oneself. The same is true for parents, who are no more parents here, rather are individual learners, who plan their day and go about living the same.  The whole community supports each other.
  • There are some common community sessions during the day when we all meet and do things together. More about these when you visit the campus. 

Parents are constantly part of not only their own child’s journey but also part of all learners at campus. Parents connect via Aarohi-x from home as well as are present at the campus on a frequent basis to be part of the campus activities.

  • Aarohi is a trust and not-for-profit. It works on contribution by various families to cover the costs of its working – especially to cover the cost of families and children who cannot afford learning opportunities and resources. This is why the contribution is indicated in the form of a sliding scale.
  • All basic expenses incurred for campus stay, food, facilitation and overall community maintenance are included in the contribution.
  • Families join Aarohi-at-Campus at any point of the year (except May) and join for a year.
  • For one child to be regularly part of the Aarohi campus – Contribution for the year would be in the sliding scale of is ₹1.6L to ₹2.0L
  • and if two children are joining it would in the sliding scale of ₹2.4L to ₹3.0L.
  • You are required to pay the entire amount at the start since it legitimizes your commitment and also, helps us manage finances better.
  • Being an inclusive community, we strongly believe finance should never be a hindering factor for anyone to be part of CoVersity. So If any family has severe financial constraints, discuss with the finance team at the time of joining. Aarohi wants all families to be able to be part of the Aarohi community and Coversity irrespective of their financial position. 
  •  If you wish to discuss financial contribution please feel free to get in touch with Ratnesh (on 98450-45833)
  • One child can be part of AT-CAMPUS, while another (sibling) can be part of  Aarohi-X (no separate financial contribution – since by being part of At-Campus the family is automatically part of Aarohi-X
  • One child can be part of COVERSITY, while another (sibling) can be part of At-Campus (in which case fin contribution for both would be in the sliding scale of 2.4L to 3L)
  • parents are by default in all cases part of At-campus and Aarohi-X

How children learn at Aarohi Campus: