Open Learning

What would happen if we free the child of education systems, of curriculum, of teaching, of ranking and comparison? When we invite the child to grow organically (just like they do in the first few years of life). When they design their own life with our guidance and encouragement. And together we learn and live, each based on our own interests and aspirations. 
Here’s what we have observed in open learners:

I Lead Myself: I am capable of leading myself. I can decide what I want, and when, how, with whom, how much, with what I want to do. I am equally capable of evaluating and assessing myself.   I decide. I do. I reflect.

I am Responsible: I am given the leadership of my life, I am learning how to be responsible for myself. I make decisions, I plan, I implement and I evaluate. I am responsible for resources, methods, collaborations and yes my own learning and growth.

I am Empowered: I am capable of thinking, doing, failing, and achieving. The more the world trusts this capability of mine, the more I develop the same. I realise I alone have the power to make my ideas a reality.

I am Creating: I am living and creating my own life, I am not in a race. I think, worry, plan and work for my future. I build my professional life, sometimes embracing one, sometimes exploring many avenues.
My Parents Play a Significant Role in my Journey.

Instead of navigating my boat and managing my learning journey, my parents are like a lighthouse – guiding me along, offering alternatives, options and perspectives. Sometimes they are co-passengers, just supporting and enjoying my journey and growth. They see me as the captain of my boat, the leader of my own life

Open Learning Resources

Where nobody needs to be beautiful, yet everybody sees beauty in many.

Where nobody needs to be intelligent, yet everybody respects each other’s abilities.

Where nobody needs to be a thinker, yet everybody values other’s thoughts.

Where nobody needs to be an orator, yet everybody listens to various expressions.

Where nobody needs to be smart, yet everybody accepts other’s styles.

Where nobody needs to be an achiever, yet everybody recognizes your endeavors.

Where nobody needs to be knowledgeable, yet everybody gains from what you know.

Where nobody needs to be social, yet everybody enjoys your company.

Where nobody needs to give an exam, yet everybody assesses self.

Where nobody needs to prove anything, yet everybody is proof of continuous learning.

Inviting you and your child to consider OPENLEARNING.

Every child is unique, so it could be his/her education.

Every Child is a leader, so he/she could lead their own learning.