Bad Company

Universe gives us an opportunity to understand life by exposing us to the company of “The good, The bad and The Ugly”. Let’s take the bulls of Bad and Ugly by horns.

Parental Concern – My Child is in Bad Company

What Should parents do if they notice their children are playing or engaged in the company of kids whom you don’t put in right category. The assumption of such thoughts may be originating from the old saying “We become the company we keep”. The problem gets bigger when the child does not find anything “bad” with his / her friends. As parents we can definitely have a word with children or counsel them. But the bigger question is should parent interfere ? What role they can play? Before answering these questions lets first understand what all bad companies a child can be encircled with.

Types of bad companies a child can have

Unfortunately a child is exposed to many bad companies as mentioned below

1. Child’s own Mind – all kind of temptations, greed, sinful or evil thoughts lurk there. How do we sanitize that.

2. Us “the Parents” – all my imperfections, weaknesses, ugly habits, hopeless styles, oh the list is long – how do I clean the home first

3. Immediate environment – relatives, friends, neighbors – somebody is a bully, somebody an abuser, somebody a womanizers’, somebody a sadist, somebody a manipulator, and so on – how to banish them from child’s sight.

4. Challenging environment of Media and internet – novels, TV, newspapers, YouTube, internet, movies, full of wile and filth. Oh the world stinks. How to banish them from his life.

5. The Nature itself is no less melodramatic – the Koel lays its eggs conveniently into the crow’s nest and the snakes waits for the chick-lings and the rains and rivers and flood a whole city out of existence – oh how monstrous.

Oops! I have gone too bad this Sunday afternoon.

Needless to say, our situation is one of joy and celebration. Universe is giving you and your child an opportunity to understand life. There is no better text book from which I can learn about life! Confused?

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