Aarohi is not a school. It has no classes, no curriculum, no teachers, no exams, and no homework.

Aarohi does not prepare the child for anything, because here the child prepares himself or herself for their life.

Each child’s interests drive the child’s doing and learning. But leading the self doesn’t mean doing it alone.

Aarohi is an open learning community of children, parents and resource people – all connecting, collaborating and coaching each other, everybody learning based on one’s interest and needs. Aarohi means “constantly evolving”.

So it’s an environment where children, learning and skills can constantly evolve. Aarohi’s vision is to offer an environment and process that empowers children to learn on their own, all they need & want to learn for living their life, both now and in the future.

Aarohi Community is for your family if: You and your children want to start or are already doing homeschooling / unschooling, and you want to interact, collaborate and learn along with a community of self-driven learners

OR You are considering moving from a mainstream school to open learning / homeschooling for your child.

OR You as a parent want to engage with an open learning community to enrich your own family’s journey, even if your children are continuing with mainstream education.

OR You work with children and are looking for more perspectives and experiences to widen your facilitation skills.

Aarohi Community is all about community learning, collaborating and interacting, no matter where you are.

Enrich your child’s or family’s ongoing learning journey by participating in this active, vibrant and stimulating community of open learners. 

Children and parents co-create special interest clubs, activities, projects, workshops, events etc. Choose the ones that interest you to contribute and participate at your own pace.

Here each community member is a coach who can guide or mentor each other based on their knowledge, experiences and expertise.

For more details, go through the detailed FAQs or contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for.