Understanding FEAR

Unknown causes fear. Future is always unknown. In predicting future we feed mind with fear constantly.

Derry said, “Child, sometimes when we think bad things are gonna happen we get scared. Nevertheless, at those times, if you notice careful like, it’s not them events that scares the wits out of us. What we think them events is gonna lead to, is what scares the wits out of us. 

If a person was walking along a mountain trail you might hear a big loud crash and look up to see big ‘boulders rolling’ down the hillside toward you. Do you think the sight of them big old boulders rolling’ toward you is what scares you?” Tilting her head to one side, she kept a sharp eye on Noom to see if he was following what she was explaining. “Oh no, it’s them, head pictures of our bodies being all broken that frightens us. Them tumbling rocks are already known about and accepted, the pain of injury is what we fear. If we git banged by them falling rocks, then that is accepted and our head races to picture what our injuries might bring. We git to thinking that we might die and we git real scared. 

We only fear what’s in the future and what’s in the future can only be pictured in our head, can only be anticipated.
We’re scared of what we imagine will happen, not what has already happened. There is nothing to fear in this world, Child. What is known ain’t feared, folks can only fear the unknown, the imagined, the pictured. 

Our fears are of our own making’. Often we’re real wrong about what’s gonna happen. If you doubt your skills and judgement, if you doubt your ability to git by in most situations then you begin to fear your future. Scared cat like. Then we begin to imagine what We can’t do, not what we can. We git to thinking on them skills which aren’t around for us and the knowing that plumb escapes us. We think we know what we lack and picture that lack.”