Untie the Education from the school

Why to enclose the education in a classroom when the whole world can educate me. Why not embrace a new WWW (Wide Wonderful World)

Covid and Parenting

COVID Pandemic brings a different situation for us as a parent, for some of us our existing issues may be flaring up with children being all the time at home. Kids spending time in front of TV/Screen/sleeping can create anxiety in parents. One way to look at any situation is that there is a problem […]

Learning is …

Learning develops in pair – Clarity with confusion, creation with destruction ending with beginning, Because learning is never complete. It just opens new avenues to explore. In a way Learning is Unlearning.


Do we communicate our feelings associated with a need or do we communicate a need?
How important it is to communicate right need / want. All forms of communication are ok as long as we are sure of which one we are using and the awareness that one has multiple options to choose from. Lets explore some of the windows.

Reflective Questions

Reflection brings clarity. One of the way to reflect is to question. Let’s create our own question bank to reflect on various aspects. Ask question to oneself and to children. Have a conversation around such reflective questions with family and friends.

Why Math, Why not Music?

Subject – Math / No Music? Is it our choice of subjects or the child’s interest? For some Math can be Music and for some others Music can be Math. Lets respect the choice as well the subject and create limitless living for children.

Facilitation by Questioning

The quest of learning results in questioning. Shall we stop questioning after seeking the answer or instead of seeking the answer ask more than obvious questions.

Facilitation by observing

Observation is one of the most powerful tool to learn and to facilitate. As an observer are you a CCTV camera or a cameraman who instructs you what and how to do.

Facilitation by Reflecting

Reflection is all about exploring ourselves , our perspectives and attributes, our actions and interactions. It enriches us with many insights which helps us to improve in all our endeavors.

Facilitation by Creating

To live is to create. Facilitation itself is an act of creation. Let’s explore creating some aspects of facilitation which can open kaleidoscope of possibilities for whom we facilitate and for ourselves.


Often it is scary for parents “freedom to do what I want to do” and “what if the child does not choose what the child needs to work on. When the need to work on maths, science Hindi, English, history comes from our own thinking…………there is no freedom. When the need to work on the […]

Questioning 10th / 12th and college

Board certificate and college degree or gaining skills out of one’s own interest? All are good as long as we walk any of these paths from the standpoint of freedom and awareness not by following a mandated path.

My(self) valentine

Can I feel the love in air for myself. Can I accept (my)Self with its conflicting ends. What being kind to myself does to me?

It’s all your fault!

I am responsible for myself and my growth. I own my actions. I take the responsibility of outcomes. Decide – Make tough choices and expand or live in cocoon of stale blame games.

Best way to teach

Is there any one best way to live life? If no then can there be one best way to teach. Children are dynamic and they need dynamic facilitation. Breadth of facilitation will provide depth to understand a child.

Winning the Kingdom of Fears

Don’t fear the fear. Some fears vanish with time and for some we may need to find our own unique ways to deal with it. To deal with fears of child let’s first connect with child than to connect with fears. Explore what kind of support we can provide to children so that they can find their own solutions.

I refuse to live out of conditioning

“I am conditioned” is like living in coffin. Living out of choices is like a river , always flowing. Enhance living out of choices by opening new windows and refusing to use existing ones.

See no evil, hear no evil and say no evil

Parents believe see-hear-say no evil” is best but child does see-hear-say evil. May be better option would be “think no evil”. Help child to decide what is good and evil and develop his own inside shield.

Fear – Hug it, Kiss it!

Emotions are neither good nor bad. They are not limiting rather they signal our inner state. How about embracing fear with an understanding.

Soiled by Adjectives

A verb implies action thus adds to the experience of a doer. An adjective implies perception. it may or may not be right. Create a limitless living of experience or create a prison of adjectives – Decide.


There is a popular Buddha story, which goes like this: Once, when Buddha and his disciples were meditating, a man came up to Buddha and asked, “Are you meditating?” Buddha opened his eyes, smiled at the man and said, “Yes, I am, can we talk in afternoon”. Saying this Buddha closed his eyes. Later the […]