Sex Education Resources

It is rewarding for parents and children to have a transparent channel of communication regarding sex education. Here are some resources we found useful.

Alternatives to Punishment – Part 1

It is not possible to have an effective learning without making mistakes. Child does same. They learn and develop the understanding of the world through mistakes. Shall mistakes be punished or be handled in such a way that provides and opportunity to learn better?

Respect – Fundamentals of Disciplining

It was time for children to leave for home. A mother, who had come to pick up her daughter, came to me with her daughter and asked, “What makes you work with children, what makes you ‘tick’ with them”. I was about to say my standard answer, “Because I love them”. However suddenly the child […]

Alternatives to Punishment – Part 2

Power struggle happens when there unequal distribution of power between two parties. Empowering children means giving them enough power to reduce the situation of conflict. Let’s explore how do we do that.

Green Environment, Nature and Education

In today’s world we normally get an overdose of environmental gyan. We have green-everything being offered everywhere. Most of us are actually wary of these exposures, the claims, even the education. So, i am not keen on giving any lessons, but thoughts that i would like to share with children, perspectives that I would like […]

Message to the child

Who is in control? “Finish the whole bowl” (whether you are hungry or not). “Go to sleep” (whether you are sleepy or not). “Say hello to Uncle” (whether you like uncle or not). “Stop playing at once” (whether you want to play or not). “Share your toys with your new friends” (whether you want to […]

What all can I learn from my 4 yr old son

Learn various ways of having fun and exploration from none other than a 4 year old.