Meetups to Interact with Open Learning families

More and more families are choosing or thinking of choosing Open Learning, UnSchooling or HomeSchooling for their children or Coversity journey for teens. It is not just dissatisfaction from conventional schooling, but also the huge possibilities the arise and immense satisfaction one gets when one charts one’s own path.

In open learning there is no one way or prescribed path. Hence, it is important that we interact and get to know journey of many families, as each family’s journey is different. Also these meet-ups widen our thinking and deepen our belief in our children and their ability to design their learning, education and life.

Upcoming MeetUps

  • Online meetups happen every Saturday on zoom,
    5pm-6:30pm IST
  • On 9th Dec we have a special meet-up with Jinan KB – all are invited.
  • Regular meetups to answer all your questions regarding open learning and aarohi will be on 16th Dec and 23rd Dec.
  • There will no meet-up on 30th Dec. We will resume meetups from 6th Jan 2024
  • Sometimes we invite one family as guest who has been doing open learning or has been working in this field for considerable time.
  • Its an informal meet-up – so please ask as many questions you want (even your child specific questions) or participate in discussion initiated by others.
  • Use above whatsapp link or below form to sign-up and get zoom link
  • Many Thursdays are available for anyone to do a half day visit to campus. See Aarohi Calendar for available thursdays
  • All family members & friends are welcome
  • Schedule
    • Arrival at campus strictly by 8:30am (at campus we have an early breakfast, so please have breakfast and come)
    • Attend Planning Circle with the community: 9am-10am (important)
    • Tour of campus and observation of working of Aarohi: 10am – 12pm
    • Discussion and Q&A regarding open learning and Aarohi: 12pm to 1pm
    • Lunch and departure: 1pm to 2pm (Option of having lunch is available on prior information).
    • You may do a contribution of Rs500/- for your family for your visit & lunch when you come here.
  • It is important that you follow the above schedule as otherwise it disrupts the working of the learners at Aarohi.
  • Use above whatsapp link to sign-up for any Thursday – as per the calendar – latest by previous wednesday. We will confirm your visit on whatsapp – if you do not get a message – please call Sushma on 97408-12571
  1. Campus meetups happen at Aarohi campus (located 55km from bangalore, near Hosur) usually on (non-festival) public holidays.
  2. Next meetup is tentatively scheduled on Republic Day, 26th Jan 2024. Details will be available on this page nearer to the proposed date
  3. One of the best way to stay in loop with all aarohi events is to be part of the OL US HS WhatsApp group Please use whatsapp button above to get added to these WA groups.
  1. Next City meet-up is in Mysuru on 10th Dec, Sunday at Colour Ashram, Hebbal, Mysuru – 10:30am to 12:30pm. Register here
  2. We host meet-ups in different cities based on our travel plans. We also encourage families to arrange your own informal meetups in your cities or localities.
  3. One of the best way to know about these meet-ups is to join City / State specific WhatsApp groups – we currently have one each for Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai-Pune, Delhi-NCR, Gujarat. Please use whatsapp button above to get added to these WA groups.

Register using this form for saturday online meetups
You’ll get an automated email response with the zoom link. Do check your SPAM folder if you do not find the email in your inbox