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Aarohi O-Campus is in a village near Kelamangalam town, near Hosur city (20km) in Tamil Nadu but about 60km from Bangalore.

We are always excited to have people come over to our campus.

You can visit Aarohi O-campus for few hours, few days, few weeks ... we have provision for you to stay with us.

FOR DAY VISITS (for few hours) - we have allocated Wednesdays. Kindly plan your trips on Wednesdays, as then we can spend time with you without it disrupting our schedule. If Wednesday is just not possible - pl contact us (Pl note Friday to Sunday is not at all possible).

FOR STAY VISITS  - In April, pl see summer camp here. In May, Aarohi is closed for summer holidays. In June, we start stay visits from 17th June 2019.

 Either ways please see our calendar to see what dates are available - look for days marked "Day Visitors" or Stay Visitors.


You may like to visit Aarohi O-campus:

  • If you are a parent interested in your child joining aarohi - your family could visit to experience and understand Aarohi by observing and interacting with children and facilitators.
  • If you are as a family homeschooling or unschooling or interested in alternate education or open learning in general - you may like to visit and stay at campus for one or more weeks with your children. Do consider family week  as the recommended option.
  • You may also visit just to know Aarohi and open learning; Or maybe you are wanting to donate something or contribute your time for a project at campus.
  • You may be an expert in a particular field and may want to come as a resource volunteer - in which case pl see this link.

Pl note since Aarohi is a charitable trust, to cover expenses of hosting guests - we request you to contribute as per the chart. You can contribute more or less than the indicated amount - any amount that you deem fit. Please pay cash. Any amount you pay over the indicated amount goes to our charitable actiities / campus development.

Please use the form below to request for a visit. For day visits - a day or two advance notice is sufficient. For stay visit we need to know minimum a week in advance. In any case, pl do not start your journey or travel booking unless you get a confirmation from us.

Looking forward to your visit.

Important if you coming for a stay over visit that you see presentation on Visiting O Campus page

See How to reach page for logistics. 

Please call Ratnesh on 98450-45833 or Aditi on 98867-24518 for further questions regarding your visit.

 Guest Visit Form: