Can a campus teach?

Aarohi Life education trust received as “gift” approx 5 acres of land from Deb Uncle. We create a campus that teaches?

  • Teach habits of mind like responsibility, independence, self-reflection, sensitivity, etc.
  • Teach thinking skills like wondering, wandering, analysis, decision making, problem solving, etc.
  • Teach living with love and affection for environment, flora and fauna, and care for each stone and each glade of wind.
  • Teach value of wishing, working and wisdom
  • Teach the joy of learning and living together; Joy of  simplicity, of earthiness, and of sensitivity.
  • Teach scientific, mathematical and artistic thinking.
  • Teach language of creativity and imagination.

Can a campus Teach? Yes, We believe a campus can be the very lap of learning
if it is conceived and developed just as mother nature;
if it offers constraints to children which make them think, do, learn, and live differently

Above development and constraints can be offered - for example:
A campus that teach children to be self sufficient by itself being self sufficient:
say, use water only from land and recycle all water
Using energy directly from sun and wind and if required pedal to light our lamps.
Ensure that no waste is wasted - (everything is recycled)
and many more such ideas are currently in action and some on anvil.

The Architectural Design of the campus is based on these three guiding principles:

  • Design to build less
  • Design to install and use less resources (like electricity, water, fixtures, furniture, etc)
  • Design to cost less (to us and to environment) - so use cost effective, sustainable, environment friendly, local materials, which lead to less maintenance


The Design of the campus is based on these three usage requirements:

  1. Socially inviting - Open and community culture
  2. Emotionally cosy - Personal Spaces
  3. Mentally and physically Stimulating - Interesting Architentural contrains and elements

Also in the construction of the campus we have been involving:

  • People from around the world who have innovated and created sustainable and sensible living spaces.
  • Children who like to get their hands dirty as they work and learn.
  • Local craftsman and workers - who are the soul of the local ecosystem where the campus is located.

You could join us in this exciting endeavor in any of the following ways:

  • You could be an individual or a organisation which specialises in alternate architecture - innovating in terms of design, material (specially using waste / junk to build) or you have some simple ideas which make campuses simply charming.
  • You could be an organisation that supports alternate micro energy initiatives (bio-waste energy, solar energy, wind energy, etc.
  • You could be a expert in area of water harvesting and 100% water conservation.
  • You could be somebody who has loads of ideas as to how to make a building teach children!
  • Or you could be an individual or organisation which would like to financially support such a learning campus.

If you are excited by all the above and would like you / your organisation to be part of it - send us an email and we will connect and take it forward.