Kids follow parents?

Someone asked "will kid follow what I do?"

Where is this thoughts process coming from? I mean time to think beyond...if kids only follow parents then all kids be doing house work with homemakers mother...but they go beyond what the parents do at home.

Yes, kids do follow what parents do a bit.
They also explore what they find in the environment
They also follow self
They also follow others also...

Does the environment allows kids to explore various mediums and resources?

Is there bit of
Clay to play
Dough to kneed
Paper to cut
Cardboard to play
Sand to sieve
Blocks to arrange 
Stone to line up
Books to read
Paper to draw
Colurs to mix
Old Bucket to bang
Seeds to saw
Ropes to tie
Blackboard to write
Dice to wonder
Pillows to pile up
Duppattas to tie
Tools to explore
Vegetables to cut
Utensils to arrange
Clothes to wash
Brush to scrub
People to talk
Hands to massage
Tumblers to dip 
Music to listen
Place to walk and run
Spoon to count
Trees to feel
Bangles to roll
Bindis to stick
Empty bottles to roll
Toys to open
Pen caps to explore
Magnifyg glass to see the world with big eyes
Water to feel
Boats to make
Churner to churn curd
A duster to clean cupboard
Stairs to climb
Yarn to entangled 
Chalk to write and draw
Sticks and leaves and stone to arrange.... And mamma to hug!

And the opportunity to play, explore and experience all of them and many more!

Every day spend a bit of time with your child to expose...a walk, a shop, a person, a place, a resource, an activity, a song, a book....and see the magic!

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