Internship at Aarohi

This option is for people who want to learn about alternate education, about open learning, about children, about education etc. Young adults who want to explore working with children as a career can use this internship. Typically internship is for one to two weeks (longer only for a specific reason and request).  


Being part of the community means living and eating together with the children and other adults, sharing spaces and resources. It also involves contributing on a daily basis to all aspects of life at aarohi like campus, kitchen and resources care, as well as involving yourself in various projects at campus as well as outside campus (like working with village children or government schools).

Since Aarohi is a democratic setup – while there is space for the individual, it demands that each individual to be aware and alert to the needs of the community as a whole, and to be able to respond accordingly.

Since children live at campus – full day is action time – we live together – so we take care of the campus together – clean and maintain it ourselves. We also cook, sing, dance, watch stars, go for treks, etc and yes chat a lot. So when you are here – you can expect action packed days!

How to go about it 
for any of the above roles it is mandatory that
> attended one or many of our online Saturday meet up on open learning to get your basic questions answered chk details to join online meetup
> you have stayed at the campus for a week during any of the experiencing week Chk the details of Stay at campus

STAY – For all the above – like regular children – you could be fully residential at campus or commute every week from Bangalore or any other nearby city. You may also choose to stay outside campus but nearby  (in Kelamangalam or in Hosur) and commute daily. 
Pl connect with us to know how much and what kind of stay space is available during the time frame of your stay.