Learning and Living with Aarohi Community

In Aarohi families connect from their homes spread all over India and some even abroad. Some children and/or parents spend the year or part of the year at Aarohi campus. But everybody is online for each other and for self.

When we meet – on zoom or at campus – the best part is the chaos – we love the energy of interacting with so many people of different ages and languages and styles – all at the same time. Oh! the energy.

collaboration at Aarohi

Children and parents connect with one another on a daily basis – sharing, interacting, co-creating learning opportunities and activities using Discord
(an easy to use community communication app)

The Community offers an open, safe and
stimulating environment for all interests. Theater enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. did a theater (mime) show – with perfection, goof ups, rawness, style, practice, & more practice – all on zoom.

A typical day at Aarohi is constant flow of doing, trying, failing, collaborating, learning, teaching, and growing organically – like when 26 mixed bag of parents and children went to the sea to do surfing!

Aarohi community fosters each child to learn in an environment of freedom with responsibility, gifting self leadership at every step. Like how this Artist works on her art, like totally from her heart.

Everything in the world is worth doing in open learning. At Aarohi, learners are constantly pushing their limits. Facilitators are there with them, yet not doing it for them. Facilitators observe with utmost sensitivity, offering supportive guidance as per each child’s needs.

Part I: Join Aarohi Community

As a family, you join the Aarohi community from home for a year which gives you & your child access to the rest of the community via online tools for connections, interactions, collaborations, interactions, support, special activities, projects, travel and dedicated mentoring by facilitators.

All families contribute financially for a year, fill a form and join Aarohi Community. You can start in any month (except in May)

Working of Aarohi Community for the family for the whole year

  • Each learner’s design of learning journey, planning and reflection is primarily driven by the family and actively supported by the mentors team
  • Dedicated community weekly online sessions to help learners design their learning plans, support in executing the same and reflection
  • Ongoing sessions for mentoring and collaborating for individual learner and reviews with each family
  • Access to Community Projects like Learning Carnival, AI project, Theater Show, Art Exhibition etc.
  • Be part of regular ongoing klubs, workshops, jaatre and other collaboration sessions for building exposures and connections
  • Join Outstation Learning Trips – travel as a community to meet people as well as visit places for exposure and  explorations. Additional logistical expenses to be borne by each family
  • All the above will be designed as per suitability for different groups of CoXplorers with different needs 

Part II: Flexibility to join at Aarohi Campus

The whole year at campus is divided into 4 terms of 10 weeks each. Children can choose to be part of Aarohi Campus for the entire year or some terms.
We recommend each learner to spend at least one term at campus for families to get the enriching experience of a vibrant space like Aarohi Campus and connect with peers beyond screens .

Working of Aarohi Campus

  • Four terms of 9-11 weeks each followed by a break of 2 weeks. May month full month break.
  • Children can choose to be at the campus for all the four terms or any combination of any individual terms, including not being part of campus at all.
  • Children can stay on campus by themselves or with their parents – depending on their preference.
  • Families can also be part of Special themed week at campus (once every term)

Financial Contribution to join Aarohi Community

  • Aarohi is a trust and not-for-profit with the sole objective of supporting child-led learning. It works on contribution by various families to cover the costs of its working – especially to cover the cost of families and children who cannot afford learning opportunities and resources. This is why the contribution is indicated in the form of a sliding scale.
  • For the whole family joining Aarohi Community – contribution for the year would be in the sliding scale of ₹4K to ₹6K per month (see chart below)
  • This contribution is paid for ONE year at the beginning, since it legitimizes your commitment and also helps community manage finances better.
  • With the above contribution, your entire family – children, parents, (even grandparents) has access to people and happenings in the community.
  • For living and learning at Campus there are various options – as shown in the contribution chart below. All basic expenses incurred for campus stay, food, resources, facilitation and overall community maintenance are covered in the contribution.
  • Please note the contribution figures finally come down to a nominal amount per day considering the logistics like stay, food, physical resources, facilitation etc.
  • For Coversity please visit Coversity Joining Page

Why is it amazing for your child to be part of Aarohi Campus for at least 1 term or more

Aarohi Life education trust received approx. 5 acres of land as a gift from Deb Uncle. We created a campus that teaches!!!

Teaches habits of mind like responsibility, independence, self-reflection, sensitivity, etc. Teaches thinking skills like wondering, wandering, analysis, decision making, problem solving, etc. Teaches living with love and affection for environment, flora and fauna, and care for each stone and each forest glade. Teaches value of wishing, working and wisdom. Teaches the joy of learning and living together; Joy of simplicity, of earthiness, and of sensitivity. Teaches scientific, mathematical and artistic thinking. Teaches the language of creativity and imagination.

The campus has a wide range of resources and spaces for different needs and interests.

We all live together – all of us cook, grow vegetables, eat, clean, sleep, sing, dance, play games, play sports, do gardening, make structures, paint, read books, wash clothes, light fires, break and repair things, converse and breath. We are all equal – hence we all fight, love, help, care, cry and laugh with each other.

Located near a village in Tamil Nadu, about 60km from Bangalore, Aarohi’s open campus invites learners of all ages to come stay and participate in our community of open learners.