What u missed in the aarohi Sports Mela

For all those who didn’t come for mela today. This is what umissed.
1. Cool shadow of the trees and Autumn leaves.
2. Sound of leaves when we ran on it.
3. All interesting sounds we made in the games.
4. In the games umissed confusion and some cheating.
5. Umissedloosing, and quitting.
6. Umissedeating others snacks.
7. If u are vegetarian u didn’tmisschicken cutlets.
8. Umissedan awesome morning filled with fun.

The original invite:

You can jump all your way to Cubbon Park this Saturday March 15th 8 to11am. Aarohi is celebrating its ‘Sports Mela -Olympics’.
Venue:Cubbon Park. Gate opposite to Jawahar Bal Bhavan. Parking isavailable right next to Bal Bhavan.
What to Expect:
1. Games stalls based on 4 different dynasties where these games originated.
2. Game 1: Modified version of Polo – Mughal dynasty
3. Game 2: Catch the dragons tail – Qin Dynasty (intended for Lions)
4. Game 3: Cricket – Tudor Dynasty – (6 over cricket) Regular 6 overs
5. cricket (Each over is 3 balls)
6. Game 4: Maypole dancing – House of Hasburg (Everyone)
7. Free games – Skipping – tug-of-war – high jump – long jump – as time permits.
8. Grand finale – Finding your family treasure (Everyone)