What time?

Last week the kids did not get up in the morning – we had to wake them up. We consistently followed the schedule without any other strings – no threat, no bribe, no gyan or even no expectations.

  • Kids were tired we woke them and went for morning walk at 6:55 (scheduled time 6:303)
  • Kids did not get up, we woke them up and started yoga at 6:45

This week on Monday kids worked on schedule with the schedule leader and announced “we will sleep at 8:30pm. 9pm is late and we are not able to get up”.

Once the announcement is made, plans are made – we follow up with them and this is my religion as faculty -:). Well, all in bed by 8pm, lights off by 8:30pm – kids wanted this, some wanted but were not doing, some were fine………….finally all slept by 8:30.

Kids got up in the morning and we went for walk at 6:30. During the walk kids expressed “this worked today; we are felling fresh and woke up all by ourselves”.

We are still working on whole day schedule – the schedule leader is taking each one’s interview to analyze “how much do you think you need for this activity?”