What a parent can do?

One of thing which we have is RICH RESOURCES within us (parents). We can create a HUGE learning environment – not only at our homes, not only for our kids but for the whole Aarohi community. Inviting parents to share their passion through different mediums. And we don’t need to do this only for children, let us do it for ourselves, kids will choose what they want to pick.

Few options –

  1. If you are passionate for music – let us have some music sessions together – talk about it, show videos, share biography, make music together…………….
  2. If you are passionate about literature – do some book reading sessions, make book clubs, share stories………….
  3. If you are passionate about machinery – make something together,
  4. If you like cooking, come and cook together……….
  5. If you are passionate about theatre, lets have a day full of theatre together
  6. If you like travel, arrange for day trips together
  7. Bring you maths passion in Math Mela
  8. If you like movies – bring it to the community
  9. And the sky is the limit
  10. If you like cricket, let us play together.

Let us come together, let us spared our passion.