What is it?

Yesterday in training one of my friends told me that because you are in GK you did not experience midage crises. Majority goes through it in normal jobs. It triggered chain of thoughts in my mind. What is different? Why did she tell this? She was so confident while sharing this.

I did not conclude anything but would love to share my thoughts. Is it that it is very different way of thinking? Is it giving variety and nutrition to my brain which it likes? Is it that I am accepted with my conditioning? Is it that I am not asked to change the very first day? OR that is not the goal at all? Is it that every time I am getting variety? Is it that there is not a particular way of doing? Is it that I am supported as well as challenged? Is it that I am liking the challenge? Is it that I as a person is not challenged but my way of thinking or approaches are challenged? Is it that I am getting choices? Is it that I am getting freedom? Is it that I am heard? Is it that my feelings are being respected? Is it that I am learning the real life skills? Life is not boring as it has infinite things to do but is it that I am choosing to do same kind of work with same way and not looking at infinite things or ways? ??????????????????