What is faculty role?

If Aarohi, is not a way, or a method or an approach. It is a space, an environment, an acceptance, a belief, a soil for the child to grow and glow”, Then, what is faculty’s role to make Aarohi a space, a soil and environment” for the child to glow?

A child who says his needs are to have fun and friends, may be wantreorganization, may be need someone to listen, may be internally believing that he is less than others, may have formed beliefs “I am not social, I am not good, I not capable”, ……………HOW do we understand needs? How do we empower thsi child to understand his needs? Some he is verbalizing, some he is not verbalizing. How do we give him different perspectives of what all can be fun and entertainment? So how do we create an environment of challenge for him to think about his needs beyond what he is verbalizing?

Child may want to become an artist or learn in own way or only one way, not in your way, not in many ways – so how as a faculty we provide the space to know self? Does environment only means a dance class to become a dancer? or coaching classes to learn more or Does becoming dancer only mean Professional? Famous? Recognized? Skilful?…………………what it is? Orlearning only meansDoing?Knowledge? …………what it is?So how do we become a soil to glow, to think?

In some case we will fail and then work with another approach.In some cases we will succeed, but faced with another challenge the very next day.

Each child is on own journey to know self:

  • Beliefs about self – I cannot do, I can do less, I am not good, I am better, what are my needs, what is my goal……….
  • Beliefs about learning – only others can teach me, what I know is enough, I know all, I can do this way only, this is only learning……..
  • Beliefs about the world – My role, my rights, my duties, my thoughts, my freedom and so on.

Each child defines his or her own philosophy, own characteristics, exposure, beliefs – what is our role? Do we determine our role to the child by any philosophy, including our own beliefs, own philosophy?

I often say “my role is to agitate you and then, leave you to find your own path”. Kids find it very amusing when I say “If I have made you unsttle, my work is done” and one of the child very promptly expresses “I know, that is your role and you LOVE it”.