What culture?

At campus, We have been living together, we have been working together, we have been learning together………..sometimes we work, sometimes we do not, sometimes we are very conscious of time, sometimes we are not; sometimes we are deep into some work, sometimes we are not……….

Last week we talked about the culture @ campus in thought club – what culture should we have?

Punishment culture

  • Anyone does not washes own plate after any meal, have to wash all the utensils.
  • Anyone is late for the session and making others also late to go to the campus will miss 30 minutes of play time
  • Anyone breaking safety rules will miss TV time at home.
  • And so on……….

Self Discipline culture

  • I get ready in time, so others can also start their session in time.
  • I clean my place after food, so others can use it.
  • I follow rules; because I understand the implications (walk on parapet or run on the road).
  • I care, I know, I think, I understand……..I take the responsibility to understand.
  • I enjoy freedom with responsibility.

Kids voted for “self discipline culture”, I voted for “punishment culture”. I gave my reasons for punishment culture

  • I do not have to think or push myself, just use my adult power to get the work done.
  • I do not have to work extra to think about each child in different ways.
  • I will have to do less work
  • I will gain more in terms of work and results

Kids thoughts I have gone mad!!! :–)

One child said “so, we can have both the cultures, even if you vote for punishment, we can still work with self discipline”.Other said “I vote for self discipline only, I want my respect

We closed the topic for each one to take it forward in own way.I was pondering …………….. If one work with self discipline, one does not have to worry about others using punishment or no punishment? Do you think we need to be aware “its in my hand, how do I want others to behave with me, and how do I respond to that behaviour”. And we need to create the same awareness among our kids? Driven by self discipline or with punishment…………it’s in your hand, how do you want to be driven?