What are my needs?

One child in session have been asking to sleep after some time. This week too his work by self and after some time wanted to sleep. I shared “I am not able to understand your needs, you are tired and want to sleep or your mind is close that if mummy is not in session, I will not work”. He did not say anything, ate his food, read books and closed the session for the day.

Next day he took one train set by self, called me to draw horse with him, worked with hula-hoop , Frisbee and bat/ball. He drew, he sang, he read. He ate food when he was hungry, he washed himself after toilet in pant, he washed his clothes by self and we together kept in a bag. He asked for help when he needed, he informed me when he did not need my help.

Next day he took different shapes, read all the labels of the resources with me, we traced the numbers and came for reflection with a note book.