Visit to Gandhi Bhavan

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After many changed decisions, we finally zeroed in on Gandhi Bhavan as the outdoor location for 14th Nov outdoor. It also happened to be Children’s Day.

The authorities in Gandhi Bhavan gave us full attention – with a administrator waiting for us at the entrance, to rejuvenating Badam Milk and biscuits – we were given privileged welcome.
We observed and touched all the statues which were on display in the campus. Mahatma Gandhi will all the things we associate him with – the Charkha, the round glasses on his eyes, his dhoti and stick – we got to see in one glance.
We got to see a photo gallery on different stages of his life. Pictures which told us the story of Mahatma Gandhi’s life event.
Next we were shown a documentary film on Mahatma Gandhi’s life, right from his parents to his death in 1948.
Our hosts distributed information booklet on Mahatma Gandhi to all of us.
We also gifted them posters sharing amable philosophy.
We enjoyed the hot Badam Milk with biscuits – it came just when we were feeling hungry.
Before we left, we visited the Khadi Emporium – just to get a glimpse of what all is sold inside.