Training and Me

I went trhough a small pahse of “withdrawl” – I love TTT, I attended almost all the sessions, i prepared thoroughly, yet I’d try to back off as we get closer and quite willing if ratnesh or anyone else takes the session.

Ratnesh was there in my mind as a back up, so would wish that something happens to me (like fever), so rat will take the session. Then it happened with OTT and now with corporate workshops

I realized it was to do with my lack of knowing the TOPIC. Initially I used to write the notes and mug up all the matter of the slides – the
reason to mug was to fear to forget when I need and not cover the slide. More I read, more I wrote, more I was working for content, more
I debated, more I became comfortable and now I have no wish to fall sick.

With OTT it was technology – First I mugged up the steps of taking sessions, I was fearful, then I started understanding technology and
Now I am quite comfortable.

With corporate it was fear of unknown, more I took sessions, more I became comfortable and by now my understanding of topics have also
improved. Reading helps me, though I do not remember the books and author’s name.
Churning on the reading helps me
Reflecting after reading helps me
Writing blogs helps me
Working with kids Aarohi helps me tremendously

I read 10 minutes in the loo everyday
I write for 10 minutes everyday
I think whole day
I work with kids few hours and THAT ALL.

Now I look forward to………………Every training session adds up to my leanring.