Theft @ Campus

Last week on Saturday, we had theft at the Campus. Two people used knife to take away money, jewellery, mobile, and credit cards from Vishal’s brother and sister in-law (they were visiting the campus) at 6:30 in the evening, Vishal, his brother, bhabhi, nephew and Astha went through the whole incidence. Namrata and Samarth were at Pink house and Aditi, Ratnesh, Asawari and Dhrupad were in Banagalre at the time of incidence and rest of the campus kids had gone home for the weekend. .

Initially the whole experience was shocking. Soon the police took over and worked with us day and night to understand the whole situation. Police in the entire region has turned out to be extremely helpful, alert active and caring. The entire neighbourhood has responded very helpfully. We have met many people in last three days. We met O-campus parents on Monday evening to share the incident. All together, helped us in bringing our confidence back.

In our own reflection, the entire experience has turned into a huge learning experience. We looked into our own beliefs on fear, weapons, police,safety, defence, our duties……………

The life is coming back to normal at campus with caution and pulling up our security systems. Immediate actions are-

  • Mobilizing the fencing of the entire area, put an entry gate and sign board.
  • Actively looking for watchman (if you have anyone in mind, connect Ratnesh).
  • Get dogs/ train local dogs etc
  • Empower all of us to be able to face similar and other emergency situations in future.

We all are working on it.Lotmore work is in progress, life is hectic at campus with lot of action.This week Ratnesh and Vishal are staying at the campus to mobilize the security measures. All kids at the campus are in action with their own goals. Life continues to be normal at the campus.

We will share the entire learning in a separate mail/ blog – how small things can help us in our ownsafety, how are we ignorant about the whole police and security system, how it became a learning experience………..

Request to all to avoid unnecessary panic, gossip and rumours. All members at the campus are back in action and all are working with 200% enthusiasm to make it a secure place and working on security.

Warm Regards
Astha – Bhavana – Aayush – Asawari – Dhrupad – Vishruth – Samarth – Yashas – Vishal – Namrata – Ratnesh and Aditi