Science Lab at Aarohi

Often people wonder “what about big labs and other resources when a child grows?”

Possibly often one’s sense of learning begins with controlled structures called “science lab”. While we ourselves have got very less form these labs at schools, we are still caught up with those structure called labs.

Can the whole world be LAB for the children to explore? Does one necessarily have to go to a lab to experiment? I find so much around us that the child can explore.

Last week at Aarohi we had “scientific thinking” week – kids chose the goal

One wanted “complicated machine”, while another chose “physical and chemical changes”. And another “water and its properties”………..

  1. The entire floor was their science lab.
  2. Kitchen was part of the lab
  3. Junk room was part of the lab
  4. Broken toys, old electrical equipments, old mechanical machines, broken glass, chemicals, etc were part of the lab to experiment and explore.
  5. Local hardware and electrical shop were additional source of resources and material.

Without any pre-decided script or experiment – kids were busy experimenting, mixing, recording and exploring science around them.