Safety at Campus

Every Wednesday brings a new perspective in safety and security at the campus. We meet, we research, we discuss, we do role plays, and we discover self. This wednesday we talked about snakes at the campus. We explored what is fear and what is alertness. We talked about not only fire at campus but in different places and undseartdyoos that many things only happens in movies, not in reality (go inside to save heroine from fire etc). What to do in case of fire – drop, roll and cover your face.

We are not only hearing thundering voice at the campus, we are also exploring “what to do in case of lightning”. What is lightning arrester? Is every stranger danger for us??? One of the thought has helped us in looking at safety and people from different angles.My safety is in my hands and I handle different situation in my way……….with my understanding.Elephants in the area is another opportunity for us to understand. More we talk, more we find out, more we are understanding self – kisd express their fear, anxiety, their role, their belief and we move ahead.

We are not only talking or researching about snakes, we are also understanding what is first aid in case of snake bite? Which all are the nearby hospitals……..medical help and so on.One team promptly collecting all the numbers and updates.

Enjoying the learning opportunity campus is creating to live.