Reset the day


One child began with dreaming of owning a Go-kart. We dwelt more in making the dream reality, we found that it is Rs 70,000/-. The child was sure of himself that he does not want to spend this much money on something like this “what If I like horse or bike later?”.

Well, he began with exploring about Go-kart. He started dreaming and talking about making one for himself. He began with motorized Go-kart, then started with making engine less go-kart to explore working of wheels and speed.

Few more kids joined – the work is still in progress. They made front wheel – they got wheels from a old stroller, tried various tools to cut iron and then finally got it cut from a fabricator with machine. At the end of the day one work they expressed “wish we can press the reset button, then we will not repeat the same mistakes again, today a lot of material was wasted, because we did not know some skills, but now we know”.

I do not know how much they would like to take it forward, but the experience was worth ‘wasting’ that material’.