Questioning in thought club

During reflection few kids shared “I enjoyed stimulation, it was different”. Today we had stimulation on “Thinking skills – questioning”.

Hmmmmm liked it, then what? Announced “how about doing thought club with questioning?” Some had immediate response “noooooooooooooo”. Some said “how will it be to share thoughts with questioning? This set the stage for the questioning thought club”. Each shared what they liked in stimulation and what all we can apply in thought club

We began with thought “which playground to use?” We pondered, “What size of both the grounds? Which ground can support which sports? What If Dhooni comes here, which ground he would like to play? What are feelings associated with both the play grounds? What about the investment on first ground? What is dinosaurs is buried inside?………………it went on for 30 minutes.”

Next thought was “what does it mean when one says “my goal is clear?”


  • we were not questioning others
  • We were not looking for answers
  • We were sharing our thoughts with questions.

It was fun, it was different. It opened up many different ways of looking at the response expression and thoughts. At the end “dirt and appreciation” round also happened through questioning. Imagine someone asking you “I have dirt with you, how can you stop troubling me? And I do not want answer for that”.