Process helps

Colourful curves in a tray. Oh I look at it, I am unsure should I touch it or should I not. I am seeing what others are doing. I go and grab the curvy pieces. Yeah what joy!!! I got it all for myself. What do I do now? I have seen my peers fixing it but many times I have not been able to do. Now I have it with me and I am trying different ways of fixing it. I fix it and I start using it. I use it how I want to, I roll it, I swing it and I look at it and talk to it it. I show my peer what all I am doing. After I finish all this I am drawing what all I did. I am reinforcing the learning that I am able and I can work with my understanding, with my space and with my own interest. The process has helped me to do things in a way it will help me.