Potato Maths


Wondering why learning is separating from living. For many of us cooking has remained as a task and learning is remained task in classrooms. Its time to think “how, why, why not? May be we need to question various cooking process, what we add in our food, where does the food comes from, how things inside kitchen works (from fridge to rolling pin)……

Last week we explored ‘potato’ in our kitchen and we called it ‘potato math’. When we were measuring thickness of potato skin, we explored what is cms and what is inches, we got confused between 1cm’ or ‘1 mm’? Average weight of potato was 40 gms, and we guessed that in one kg we can get 25 potato or with 50gm we can get 20 potatoes. We weighed 4 potato separately they weighed 50, 90, 60, and 40 gms but when we weighed them together it was 220 gms, we are still at loss where is that 20 gm difference?

Some sliced 10slices in 3 seconds while some sliced in 6 seconds. At the end we divided all the four parts and kept for observation. In one we added salt water, in one part we added lemon water, in third sugar water and one we kept just like that. After observing for few days we noted that lemon water was remained freshest while sugar water attracted ants and salt water was the second bestestttttt. One wondered do we use salt or lemon or both to preserve our food?

Sharing some more ideas to make our kitchen a learning classroom. http://aarohilife.org/resources/flocci-nature-math-logic-kitchen-science