PCF at O campus


It was the feeling of togetherness. It was the environment of comunity. It was the space where adults, children all were together, yet working independently.

We began parent interaction (PCF) with a brief about 4 buckets, and how parents can use that to plan their day. Informed that campus care is compulsory, rest all is their need.

Informed about various activities happening today – doing club, live station etc. Each one set goal – I insisted on clear goals and to set before they start asking “when can I meet and I want to do that”. Once they planned the day, it was very smooth – we all were aware what different people are doing.

Some of them opted to join a session on “what is stimulation?” We began with 3 q;s – they all wrote for themselves

  1. What I think is stimulation? What I know about stimulation?
  2. What I would like to know more?
  3. What I think (predict), I will know by the end of the session?

So, focus was on “to know stimulation” not on “scientific thinking”. I asked how you want to do – read or experience? All choose “experience by doing”. We began with few activities. At the end some shared “what is stimulation for me”. Some wanted to know more about what all goes in stimulation – I showed them all the links on website and asked them to read, make notes and then share and then offered my service to create more understanding about the topic. They all decided to not to find more about now. We closed the session with stimulation about stimulation.

The day was busy, all were busy, all were clear what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do. Some took part in live station, some cooked food, some arranged for a b’day party, some met mentor faculty for one to one. In the afternoon, some worked on carpentry (assembling table), some took part in plumbing (installing tippy tap), some in electrical work (repairing speakers) – it was doing club in the afternoon. Some took part in sports, some in thought club, some went for night expedition.

The word at the end of the day for me was was “joyful”.