For parents who are not involving in the community development (Manthan)?
For Parents who are not participating in Mela?
For Parents who are not doing Parents workshop on fridays by turn?

Below are the action plan by Aarohi Faculty team

  • If any parent is not coming for parent workshop by term/doesn’t want to do parent workshop, will have to pay Rs.500/workshop as fine.
  • Not attending Manthan, child will have to miss out (child will not be taken for outdoor and stay at home on those friday) on the outdoors for that quarter.
  • We will be demanding progress from children, meaning the parents have to well prepare the child on the objective for the coming week.
  • We are planning to give homework to children.
  • We want to bring the structure of tests and exams based on the topics/goals they are choosing which means the child will go the next level based on some assessment cut off WE DECIDE to go to the next year. despite facilitating, providing the required resources, exposure to different things, if we don’t find no progress in the child, we will be demanding 25-50% of extra fees for that child.
  • There is NO flexibility in time for children any more, they need to be in the centre by 8:30, if they are late, the child will be sent back home.