Outdoor-Fitness centre


We went to a fitness center for outdoor. It was a nearby place and we decided to walk. It was a sunny day, full of traffic at all signals. Crossing the road was a great challenge for us. When we had planned we had decided to take help from traffic police. When we reached the signal ,traffic police was not there. We crossed the road when pedestrian signal was ON. It was ON for very short time duration. We thought we can talk to Bangalore traffic police regarding this .We took half an hour to reach the place.

When we entered the place we got excited to see a big hall with wooden flooring. The flooring was inviting us to dance. The team at the Figurine fitness was very generous and cooperative. They showed us some dance steps and aerobics. We all enjoyed dancing with them. Then we saw different equipments of exercises. We saw how one can develop biceps and triceps. Instructor was having a huge body with big biceps(I had seen only in movies) and he was doing exercise to develop triceps. It was great to interact with them and understand how one can understand own body and work on strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility. We saw their cardiac section also where machine were kept which can help your heart to be stronger.

We all had great fun, which can be seen in photos:)