One cycle completed

Last Friday,i completed 1 round of working with each member of my team and with each child.It was a wonderful journey for me,from designing to facilitating, from learning to unlearning and from observing to avoiding.
With Children
Working with them throughout the week helped me understand,listen,know,facilitate and observe them.Last year,with my limited sessions with them i was not able to connect with them.I felt like PG (paying guest :)),now with the kind of relationship i share with them,aaaa at last i am a member of family.In session,i shared my thoughts,i argued with them,i threw questions,i gave feedback as well as took feedback from them.At the end,i over came all barriers which i had with myself with respect to other.The knowledge which i gained from them is precious,it made me to think to think.
With Team
Hummmmm,no words but still want to say.This working format gave me an opportunity to work with everyone inside session.Working with them added a new dimension to learning.Their questions,demanding,pulling,helping and acknowledging helped me to refine myself.Many times,though i was lost but was still confident that my girls will pull me back to track.I find treasure while they impart their gyans